The objective is to communicate PNG’s official information on climate change, including PNG’s greenhouse gas emissions as required by the appropriate international treaties.

The MRV and National Communication Division is responsible for implementing activities to ensure the development of National Communications Report to the UNFCCC and the establishment of a National GHG Inventory as part of the National MRV system. This program will be run in close collaboration with the GEF’s National Communications Project.


  1. GHG Inventory
    • Development of Biennial Update Report1 GHG Inventory for National Communication3(NC3)
    • Development of National GHG Inventory System

  2. Vulnerability assessment and adaptation
    • Development of NC3 Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

  3. Mitigation analysis
    • Develop NC3 Mitigation Analysis

  4. Development of Data Collection & Archiving System for National Communications components
    • Develop NC3 Mitigation Analysis

  5. Training and Capacity Building for National Communication Preparation
    • Develop NC3 Mitigation Analysis

  6. National Consultation: The objective is to inform the people of PNG about the impact and opportunities arising from climate change and to consult on key policy issues. The National Communication branch is also responsible for implementing activities to ensure provincial and stakeholder consultations are undertaken. This program will inform communities in the provinces about climate change. It will also ensure pilot projects and programs are developed in close cooperation with provincial administrations and their communities.
  7. Activity 1:

    • Provincial Consultations
    • Establish Climate Change Committee in 19 Provinces
    • Capacity Building for Provincial climate change officials
    • Set up and establish PCC Offices within the Provincial Government structures
    • Feedback on organised Workshops

    Activity 2:   Stakeholder Consultations

    • Non-Government Organization (NGO)
    • Youth
    • Women's Group
    • Private Sector
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    • Program collaboration
    • Church Groups

    Activity 3:   Awareness and Communication material

    • Competitions (quiz, essays, debate))
    • National and international Events
      • World Environment Day
      • International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction Day
      • World Water Day
      • World Earth day
      • Climate Change Open day
    • Schools
      • University Student-Led Awareness Initiative
      • Resource Material Development for Primary and Secondary Schools
      • School Visits during Provincial Consultation
    • Technical Working Group (TWG)
      • National Consultation (NC) & MRV TWG monthly meetings

National Communication News and Events

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Upcoming Events

NGO information session - 24th Feb 2017

  • NGO consultation workshop or information session to do a stock take of what the NGOs are doing and also to capture their activities under the TNC chapter - Education and Awareness Component

Proposed data Collection for Energy, Waste (IPPU) and V&A Assessment in selective

  • In the 1st & 2nd week of March there will be a data collection especially for provinces with higher populations with industrial activities (MP, WNB & ENB). Officers have been advised to start communicating with our contact officers in the provinces for the data collection visit. We have completed the Highlands region last year and in the other remaining regions, we will prioritize the provinces with high economic activities and population and others can come later due to funding factor.

6-7 March, 2017: Training on Energy Statistic and Modeling

  • Two week Training on Energy Statistic and Modeling. Key stakeholders like PPL, DPE, ICCC and Customs will be invited. The training is a continuation from last year.

Proposed lock down for BUR/ TNC Drafting

  • There will be a lock-down session probably the last weekend in the Month of March. The purpose is to start drafting the TNC/BUR in preparation for 3rd visit by JICA team in August. This will also give us a clear status of where we are in the BUR/TNC as the time of of concern and also the submission is end of this year.

National Communication Activities

National Communication Projects


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