Guidelines for the No-objection Procedure

This document is Papua New Guinea’s Guidance for the No Objection Procedure, encourages our partners and the private sector to collaborate with the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) in developing high-calibre climate projects. The procedure set out here helps ensure that climate finance is directed towards our self-determined national priorities in accordance with our laws. It gives Papua New Guineans the opportunity to reject or improve activities proposed for Fund projects and programs. It will filter out projects that impose undue costs or harm on our communities and our environment.
By following this Guidance, our partners and the private sector can achieve greater certainty about the value of the projects they propose to the Fund, and have confidence in the support those projects will receive from local communities and government agencies. It sets out the practical steps they need to take, the standards they must meet, and the timeframes associated with acquiring the No Objection Letter that they must take to the Fund as a mandatory requirement.
Implementing and observing this No Objection Procedure will direct funding towards the most urgent climate change actions and those that offer the greatest synergies with Government programs and policies. Working together, our actions on climate can operate in harmony, support national development priorities, and bring real benefit to the people of Papua New Guinea. The CCDA acts as the interface between the PNG Government and the Fund. CCDA must supply a No Objection Letter as a condition of approval for any proposals to the Fund.

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