Papua New Guinea National REDD+ Strategy

“The diversity, value and importance of our natural environment never ceases to impress me. Yet the level of threats that our unique and fragile ecosystems are facing has also not ceased to concern me. It is for this reason that my officers and I, work tirelessly to ensure that we can have development while maintaining and preserving our strategic natural assets”.  Hon. John Pundari MBA, CMG MP

The National REDD+ Strategy provides PNG with an opportunity to achieve this through linking national development and environmental priorities with international action on climate change to achieve progress that supports our communities, our nation and our planet. Papua New is one of the most naturally rich and diverse of any in the world, containing a remarkable 5% of the world’s biodiversity in just 1% of its area. It’s forests, in particular, are some of the most extensive and are highly diverse and rich in biodiversity. The lowland forests have been ranked among the world’s most ecologically distinctive forest regions1 and our montane forests are globally significant for their regional scarcity and levels of endemicity2. Collectively the country’s forests contain 191 species of mammal (of which over 80% are endemic), 750 bird species (of which over 50% are endemic), 300 species of reptile and 197 species of amphibian. This rich natural resource base has been at the centre of our culture and economy for generations. Communities have relied on the wealth of nature on their land to generate their livelihoods and develop, with the importance of the natural world reflected in many of our diverse cultures. These relationships, however, are being challenged with increasing population and the transition of the economy into a more global and cash based system. Extensive logging that has occurred since the 1970s has impacted huge areas of forests, while the expansion of mining and natural gas developments as well as urban areas is putting increasing pressure on our natural resources.

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