PNG Trade Waste Water Policy

Water PNG (formerly PNG Waterboard) is established under has nationwide coverage. Wastewater Policy Trade eveloped as part of environment management system to protect the environment. The is dTrade Wastewater Policy business, improve public health and protect environment. The provides Water PNG with key objectives of being a successful Act The Sanitation Act 2016. National Water Supply and


The Part III of National Water Supply and Sanitation Regulation have provisions for refuse from a business, trade, or manufacturing property other than domestic sewage, storm into the sewers. The trade waste is defined as liquid trade waste discharges and discharges prohibited water or unpolluted water. The objectives of the Policy are to protect sewerage infrastructure, operators’ safety, protect environment and protect public health. The Policy sets guidelines and limits of trade waste to be discharged into the sewerage system. The trade waste dischargers are categorised based on volume they discharge and pollutant concentration of the discharge.


The Policy provides control mechanism which includes issuing of Permits, signing Agreements and imposition of penalty for breaches. The Policy provides administrative process and procedures for lodgement of application for Permit or Agreement depending on category of trade waste generator. The Policy provides for inspection and monitoring of dischargers’ pretreatment facilities. It includes determination of discharge quantity and quality depending on the category of discharger. The Policy provides for commercial and industrial dischargers to install arrestors as pre-treatment of their trade wastes. The discharge of infectious wastes and waste water from medical, clinical, veterinary areas together with the toxic and hazardous wastes are covered in the Policy.



The Trade Wastewater Policy provides for charges and fees for discharge of trade waste into WPNG sewerage system. There are fees for breaches of Permit conditions and Agreement. There is also fee for lodging applications for discharge of trade wastewater. The Appendices at the end of the document provide details and additional information on matters described in the Policy.

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