REDD+ Capacity Building Initiative

The purpose of this training is to assist in developing a country Roadmap for REDD+ MRV. It aims to assist countries understand the concepts and requirements of REDD+ MRV to access carbon base payment and for other national uses. It Ensure that REDD+ countries meet the necessary requirements of REDD+ activities through the REDDcompass with a sensible direction. It also gives individuals taking part in REDD+ activities the clear knowledge on building a sustainable REDD+ MRV that meets the Good Practise Guidance of IPCC reporting principles.

It aimed to provide participants with:

  • Knowledge on Climate Change, research relating to GHG and global temperature increase, how the REDD+ evolved through time from the critical Conference of Parties Decisions.

  • Understanding Use of REDDcompass, a web based site to access GFOI methods and guidelines materials and tools.

  • Understanding the importance of Good practices, and how and why the REDD+ activities have to be Transparent, meeting accuracy, consistency, competences and comparable.

  • Understanding the use of excel refresher for Key Category Analysis, National Forest Inventory and ABG/BGB carbon calculation, Activity data and Accuracy (Uncertainty Assessment).

The training was organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation, Global Forest Observation Initiative and the University of Melbourne at Australia – Victoria State and was held at Creswick Campus, the University of Melbourne – Facility of Science: School of Ecosystem and Forest Science. The training was attended by the CCDA technical team from the MRV and National Communication Division - Mr Alfred Rungol (MRV Manager), Ms Debra Sungi (MRV Officer), Miss Priscilla Pep, Mr David Reid and Mr. Morgan Kai.

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