Morobe Provincial Government’s Deputy  Administrator Mr. Masayan Moat called on participants of the second round of the regional consultation on Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Lae this morning at the Lae International Hotel to make discussions at this level of the workshop more interactive by asking questions to the organisers.

He said understanding issues more will create an informed audience adding that this is the challenge the provincial government has in getting the right information down to its 33 Local Level Governments (LLGs) and 575 wards within the province.

He said provincial government representatives in attendance had a challenge – like himself to represent their peoples’ voices and contribute meaningfully to the discussions/objectives of this workshop.

More than 50 participants are attending the workshop from the four provincial administrations of Morobe, Madang, East and West Sepik Province respectively, the private sector, NGOs, CBOs and individuals.

Climate Change and Development Authority’s (CCDA) Managing Director Mr. Ruel Yamuna  in re-iterating on the Deputy PA’s call on more interactive discussions - gave an example of what was raised at the Highlands Regional workshop “that local communities could see and feel what was happening but did not know what the issue was – not understanding what Climate Change is.