Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division provides the supporting role to three internal technical divisions, stakeholders, and service providers in maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in the areas of administration, finance, human resource, media and IT. The division houses three branches:- Finance; Media and Information, Communication & Technology and Human Resource. 

Human Resource Branch

HR encompasses all activities and practices related to the employment, management, development and promotion of the organisation’s employees. Thus, CCDA strives to promote in its policy drive - a very dynamic and effective HR branch that caters for a vibrant and young workforce. The average age of employees would be 25years.

Media and Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Branch

The Media and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Branch coordinates and manages the overall communications of the CCDA.  

The Branch is tasked  to;

  1. Provide, Maintain, Monitor and Manage ICT infrastructure and systems for the CCDA to ensure effective flow of communication

  2. Contribute to policy regarding ICT quality standards and strategic planning

  3. Implementation of the iCLIM Project on Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)

  4. Management of Media and Communication in the absence of a Public Relations and Communication Officer within the Managing Director’s office and
  5. Provide GIS Services

Finance Branch

The Finance Branch is in charge of providing financial and administrative support to CCDA staff, clients and stakeholders of the authority.