MOMASE GCF Regional Workshop Report

As the Delivery Partner to Papua New Guinea’s Green Climate Fund Readiness program, GGGI in consultation with CCDA and other delivery partners designed the workshops with an aim to:
• Support the PNG Government to establish effective coordination mechanisms, strategic frameworks, build
relevant capacity in government partners and to achieve higher quality, more innovative climate project
• Strengthen the role of the CCDA as the NDA to the GCF and improving their coordinating capacity to
ensure stakeholders across PNG understand and can implement GCF projects;
• Streamline the GCF NDA functions and governance processes to PNG by focusing on strengthening the
role of Provincial Climate Change Committees (PCCC) as the main bottom up conduit for GCF processes
including the GCF No Objection Procedure (NOL); and
• Serves as a consultation forum on issues related to CCDA’s legal mandate i.e. CCMA and pending
administrative regulations which serve as a complimentary purpose to the overall capacity building and
stakeholder engagement process that GCF is supporting.
• Provide information to stakeholders on the NDA and GCF’s roles, functions and procedures and focus on
identifying processes to link and strengthen the GCF NDA functions, communication and governance to
the sub-national level by focusing on awareness raising to the Provincial Climate Change Committees (the
GCF NDA contact at the local level) and enabling them to participate in the GCF project development
• Provide information to and consult with stakeholders on the NDA’s No Objection Letter (NOL) Procedure.
• Review the Climate Change Management Act (CCMA) (2015) to identify potential gaps in the implementation,
enforcement and MRV capacities of the CCMA thereby creating a basis for provincial and local feedback
to aid in creating a more attuned and effective CCMA.
A three-day regional workshop was held in each of the Papua New Guinea’s four regions. This report covers the Momase Regional Workshop held at the Lae International Hotel in Morobe Province from 29-31 May 2019.

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