National REDD+ Development Guidelines

The National REDD+ Development Guidelines (RDG) seeks to improve the governance and implementation of REDD+ initiatives both at the national and sub-national level, with due consideration for the international context and different market related modalities to access forest carbon finance. Consequently, this RDG aims to benefit REDD+ stakeholders, especially women, youth and vulnerable or minority groups, with the goals of maximizing monetary and non-monetary benefits, eradicating poverty, sustaining livelihoods, social stability and rural development while improving the governance and implementation of REDD+ initiatives to be consistent with PNG’s constitution and environmental, natural resource and customary laws, existing obligations under international law, including human rights laws and other related instruments.
The purpose of this RDG is to:
i. Ensure that all REDD+ initiatives in PNG comply with internationally recognized technical modalities as agreed
under the UNFCCC and VCM standards (for instance, Verra and CCBS) to reduce emissions;
ii. Contribute to the improvement and development of the policy, legal and organizational frameworks regulating
climate change, mitigation, REDD+, adaptation and related initiatives across all sectors;
iii. Enhance the transparency and improve the functioning of existing and future systems in implementing REDD+;
iv. Strengthen the capabilities and operations of REDD+ stakeholders and promote cooperation between these

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