National REDD+ Free Prior and Informed Consent Guidelines

In the context of NRS implementation, FPIC shall be sought before any of the following actions can be taken:
a) When making decisions on projects or programs that may take place in or impact the land and the sea,
resources or otherwise affect the livelihoods of customary landholders and local communities, including the
use of sacred cultural sites, etc.;
b) When making decisions on the use of biological materials, traditional medicines and knowledge, including
artwork, dance and song;
c) When making agreements between the government and the people;
d) When creating laws or policies that affect the people; and,
e) When undertaking actions that could lead to the forced removal of people from their land.
When considering activities, projects, legislative or administrative measures, and policies that may potentially affect the lands, resources (or livelihoods) of customary landholders and local communities; governments and REDD+ proponents shall provide the potentially affected customary landholders the opportunity to give or withhold their consent. Through mechanisms for consultation and participation outlined in Sections 4 and 5 below, NRS proponents, including voluntary carbon markets project developers, shall negotiate with the affected customary landholders in good faith, without a predetermined outcome before making any decisions regarding the development or project activity

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