Papua New Guinea National Adaptation Plan Financing and Investment Strategy

Climate change adaptation is a complex issue due to its cross-cutting nature that spans across sectors and
requires a whole-of-government approach and close international and private sector cooperation. It
involves a combination of (highly) technical (e.g., environmental, engineering), economic, financial,
political, and cultural factors to be considered. At the same time, Papua New Guinea has a complex, highly
ambitious cascading governmental planning framework comprising national, sector, agency, provincial,
provincial, sectoral, district, local level government and ward-level plans. The strategy aims to inform the
development of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) financing and investment by providing a strategic
approach to prioritising financial and non-financial resources across all areas. Interlinkages between the
different stages of the budgeting and project cycle are considered to provide direction on how a practical,
strategic NAP financing approach could look. This strategy provides guidance for implementing the NAP
that is integrated, with practical tools to link planning, resource mobilisation, implementation progress
tracking/monitoring, and reporting.

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