Papua New Guinea REDD+ Benefit Sharing & Distribution Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to enable the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) as the mandated Authority and as specified in the Climate Change (Management) 2015 (as Amended), s 10 (d) to apply the following:
“administer compensation or incentive funds, grants, donor money and other funding derived from
national and international climate finance sources under the direction of the Board to assist in the
development of climate compatible economic endeavours and climate adaptation and mitigation
programs in Papua New Guinea”
This Guideline is also directed by Section 93 of the Climate Change (Management) 2015 (as Amended) (CCMA) which provides for the benefits sharing of proceeds of climate change projects to identified beneficiaries including landowners. Furthermore, and in particular, the REDD+ Benefit Sharing and Distribution (BSD) Guidelines lays out the intended guidance and procedures for compliance of National, Project and Jurisdictional REDD+ results-based finance and distribution of incentives (monetary and non-monetary benefits) in relation to relevant sections of
the Climate Change (Management) 2015 (as Amended) (CCMA), the National REDD+ Strategy 2017-2027 and the REDD+ Finance and Investment Prospectus.

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