Papua New Guinea’s Sustainable Development Goal 13: Roadmap An Empowering Response to Challenges and Opportunities posed by Climate Chang

PNG is committed to taking action on climate change as part of its climate compatible approach to development. The PNG Government recognizes both the major impact that climate change will have on the country and the country’s responsibilities, as part of the international community, in the global effort to mitigate climate change. The actions that PNG is taking now, and those we will need through the coming decade, to respond to climate change are outlined in the 30 by 30 Roadmap presented in this document. Although the Government of PNG may take the lead on many of those actions, they will also need the resources, energy and commitment of subnational governments, the private sector, our development partners and civil society to be successful. This Roadmap should guide our work together.
The Government of Papua New Guinea is undertaking the necessary measures to ensure that our development pathway does not compromise our ability to provide for the wellbeing of all our people now, or in the future. We began our work on the Agenda for Sustainable Development and our implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals with the effective groundwork laid by Vision 2050 and the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development (StaRS). The direction set by those strategies has been followed with a process for integrating and aligning the SDGs into our national priorities, which customize SDG indicators to the context of our nation. These goals and their indicators are now integrated into our national development programming, including the development of national plans and strategies, monitoring frameworks, annual reporting and periodic evaluation

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