Nationally Determined Contribution

The Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the cornerstones that bind international obligations on climate change globally. The Paris Agreement specifically challenges Parties under Article 3 to take robust climate action, through what has become known as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). Papua New Guinea (PNG) like all other Parties is required to communicate its ambitious targets and report on progression overtime on how PNG through national action is contributing towards achieving the long term temperature and adaptation goals set under Article 2 of the Paris Agreement. The NDC is an articulation of PNG’s mitigation and adaptation contributions. It sets out targets and identifies measures and actions to be pursued towards achieving these targets.  These targets include the following:

  (National Context) provides a general synopsis of PNG, setting out information on the country’s geography; climate; population; an overview on economic development; an assessment of the impacts and vulnerabilities; and an outline of key climate change policies, institutions, and regulatory frameworks. 

 (Summary of Information on Clarity, Transparency and Understanding) establishes the reference point, period of implementation, methodology, scope and sector coverage, and a summary of targets. 

 (Papua New Guinea’s Mitigation Contribution) focuses on mitigation targets and potential actions and measures to be taken in sectors identified: Energy Sectors and LULUCF sub-sector; 

 (Papua New Guinea’s Adaptation Actions) covers adaptation planning, priorities, data gaps, and outlines the adaptation actions and targets; and:

 (Means of Implementation) discusses matters pertaining to implementation. The chapter contains a needs assessment which covers general support, finances and capacity building.

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