Papua New Guinea’s first National Adaptation Plan (NAP) 2022-2030 is designed as a strategic framework
to support efforts led by Papua New Guinea’s Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) to
address climate change impacts. The NAP defines a series of cross-cutting strategies to strengthen
institutional capacities and the ability to effectively mainstream climate change adaptation (CCA) and
disaster risk reduction and management in priority sectors. These include sectoral and provincial planning
and instruments. It also establishes sectoral strategic actions to be implemented through sectoral CCA
plans in accordance with the Climate Change Management Act 2022 (Amended).
1 To address the expected
impacts of climate change, the Government of Papua New Guinea through the NAP process has prioritised
four development sectors for the period 2021-2030: agriculture, health, transport, and infrastructure. You can read more about this in the documents below.

Some useful documents below:


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