Stakeholder and Policy Analysis Report on GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Project

This Stakeholder and Policy Analysis report is a contribution to the development of Green Climate Fund (GCF) arrangements for Papua New Guinea (PNG). It has been produced as part of the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Project and will inform: the design of the GCF country program in PNG; the design of awareness and training programs aimed at promoting knowledge of and uptake of the GCF funding opportunities in PNG, and; the design of the GCF gender guideline that is under development. This report also recommends options and strategies for PNG’s
focal point climate change agency, the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) as they develop their stakeholder engagement approaches. It is CCDA that has been tasked to provide leadership, planning and coordination functions for PNGs climate change policy and programming, including the task of increasing access to GCF funding in PNG.
Data for this report was obtained via reviews of existing policies; a survey1 of and consultations with sub-national stakeholders that attended 4 regional consultation workshops between May and July 2019; a second survey2 and consultations to collect basic data on capacity from National Agency stakeholders that might play a role in climate change action in PNG; consultations with individuals in different stakeholder organisations and; a review of relevant information, policies and reports on development and climate change in PNG.

File Type: pdf
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